The last dog to leave the sanctuary, he eventually beams as he came back home


The dog Capone lived in a shelter for a long time. He walked for seven years without ever finding his owners. He was able to connect with a number of the shelter’s animals.

However, adoption was not difficult at all due to the puppies’ young age.

He did, in fact, track out his owners a few years ago, but he didn’t stay very long with them; He was consequently returned to the shelter.

The dog didn’t want to talk to anyone at first, but over time, he started to trust the shelter workers.

The staff at the shelter did their best to assist him in finding a place to live. His pictures were frequently shared on social media as a result of their efforts.

The dog became a part of the couple. When they arrived at the shelter to pick him up, even a pendant with her name on it was prepared.

The workers at the shelter were concerned about Capone’s ability to adjust to his new surroundings, but it was clear from the first encounter that the dog was delighted to have new owners.

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