The family saved five foxes. One remained in the family and was raised by dogs


As he got closer, the man realized that they were small, newborn foxes. They seemed to be about two days old and their mother was not around.

The farmer’s daughter, Jemma, was worried about the foxes, but she did not touch them. The girl decided to wait and see if the mother of the foxes would return.

One day nothing changed. The fox’s mother never showed up.

The family decided to place the red-haired babies in a special shelter. They will be fed there. And when they grow up, they will be liberated. But it turned out quite differently.

Five days later the fox cub opened its eyes and saw Jemma. The fox cub took the girl for its mother became very attached to her. Foxes and dogs have a printing period in the first days of life. The baby is the first to remember what he sees.

The individual follows this image, repeats all the habits, is connected with the mother like a child.

Jemma could not resist the lovely little red-haired crumb that took her to him. Now the girl is raising a pet with her young Danny. He was named Vicky mixed with him like a beloved child.

The fox does not have the character of a wild animal. She is tender, calm, and friendly.

The foxes left in the garbage are not used to humans. They were sent to a shelter and then released into the wild.

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