The dog refused to escape, fearing that his cubs were in danger, but one man walked


The star of this story, the lost Pit Bull, was thinking of only one thing – his little family. People tried to save him, but when they tried to approach him, he fired an arrow.

She was scared, but she was afraid they would be separated from her children.

The good people left him food and water, but they all knew he did not belong on his own. It was then that Hope For Paws was called, ilovemydog writes.

A very smart mother, Pete Bull, hid her children to make sure they were safe. He cared for them, he loved them very much. When they were hungry, he gave them what he could.

Motherly love is certainly a powerful thing. Hope For Paws knew that this dog its cubs could not stay on the streets. They hurried late in the evening, hoping to save him.

But when Mom sees the rescuers, she does not trust them either.

Eldad his rescuers put a temporary fence around the perimeter. The relatives, who knew about the dog family, we’re watching how Eldad was doing his job. The experienced rescuer was able to read the dogs very well. He put a happy red chain around her.

He seemed scared, but he was not aggressive at all. His fear is understandable. she is afraid that people will take her away from her children.

Eldad will never leave his children, but that’s hard to explain to the dog. According to ilovemydog, mom just has to make a leap of faith.

Dodo’s video below shows us the power behind motherly love. This cute dog would travel the world for his little ones. To see their salvation: what will happen next, check out the complete salvation below.

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