The dog informs shop owners that he wasn’t with the pair when he arrived


Animals are definitely able to communicate, but you can’t interact with them unless you’re Dr. Doolittle.

Vingo, a five-month-old Australian Shepherd puppy, did exactly that when he heard it to get away from dognappers.

When the shrewd dog and his dognappers entered, the four-footer let the establishment’s owners know. Vingo kept barking at the business owner, pleading for his attention.

Yves Jodi teaches dogs in addition to working in the store. Since he could immediately see how serious the problem was, he definitely has some understanding of how dogs act.

The employee began to piece things together when the couple who brought Vance into the store couldn’t even answer simple questions about the dog.

As Yves began to inquire about the dog in a manner that became ever more basic, suspicions began to emerge and grew.

The two were unaware of his age, whether he had been cleaned, his usual diet, his origin, or how much they had paid for him.

Fortunately, another coworker, Lydia Blouin, discovered the issue as well. Instantly, Vingo’s picture was discovered online.

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