Ravens goofing off and having fun just like humans would in the snow


Some people think that crows and crows are fascinating, and some people think that they are not disturbing, but there is no denying that the June Hunter obsession with birds is catchy.

The Vancouver painter and photographer recently had a snowfall in the mountains of the North Coast and came across an unusual scene. Two birds do somersaults, rolling like puppies in the snow.

He videotaped the fun and posted it on social media, where the excitement of crows flying high received more than a million views.

“I think there’s something about crow’s stupidity and having fun under the snow that’s pretty much healing to many of us, especially these days,” Hunter said. Hunter said he was carried away by the unusual sounds of crows.

“I’m just happy with a kind of joy that is different from yours,” he said.

Hunter has been photographing crows և crows for over a decade. He previously sold prints on Vancouver’s Granville Island before the epidemic struck.

Marvin and Mavis are the names Hunter gave to crows visiting his home. Mabel’s family lives on the street, she’s visiting.

The self-proclaimed PR person for birds is disappointed that corvids sometimes get bad rap despite their intelligence.

He wants to get rid of the misconception that some people have that birds are just rude pests that have been set up on this earth to dig lawns.

“If you start watching crows, your life will be happier because you will be interested, you will feel more connected to the natural world, even if you are in the city. You will naturally feel better. ”

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