Overly Dramatic Husky Throws A Fit At The Groomer


Fredo’s first meeting with his guardian, Girl With The Dogs, went exactly as he had hoped.

Dogs are not always fond of bathing, especially ostriches, they seem to express their dislike. There is a Thunder the Husky who loves his guardian but cries every time the water starts.

The monk Haski starts complaining when he hears the word “shower”.

So Fredo’s response is not unexpected. The 10-month-old dog starts to complain, trying to escape from the bathroom (that’s why a safety chain is connected) turns off the water several times.

During all that time, he was shouting in protest or, say, “singing in the ears”? Girl With Dogs says she now knows all the husky words by heart, saying she has finally “met someone who speaks more than she does.”

His “singing” continued during the drying, forcing the hairdresser to say, “Fredo may be the most dramatic piece I have ever worked on.”

Luckily, he was a pretty good boy, brushing his teeth և with a brush, so it really was his dislike for water that made Fredo angry. But at the end of it all, he got a delicious treat: “To Fredo’s surprise, he did not die.”

Siberian spike requires regular bathing brush. This extremely outgoing dog can be bathed no more than once a week for up to 6 weeks.

In the case of this double-covered breed, the right bath-drying technique lays the foundation for a beautiful coat with healthy skin.

The Siberian Husky, bred as a sleigh dog in Northeast Asia, is known for its amazing endurance and willingness to work. His pleasant and unusual temperament makes him a great all-round dog, suitable for any job, from sledding to therapy.

Originating in cold climates, Siberians have a thicker coat than other dog breeds, consisting of a thick cashmere-like layer and a longer, coarser shirt.

All colors are allowed, from this to pure white, and different markings on the head are common.

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