No one approached to help the poor puppy all in mud, until one kind rescuer noticed him


Unfortunately, no one stopped to approach and help the little baby.

He was very small and completely covered in mud. It was so painful to see him in that condition.

Perhaps this world had become a huge and terrible place for him.

After learning about him, one of the DAR rescuers immediately came to his aid.

After seeing him, he couldn’t imagine that people could be so indifferent.

He was just shocked by all that. The helpless little kitten was crying and asking for help from every passerby.

The rescuer had never witnessed such a thing before. It was so horrible.

The rescuer first wrapped him in a blanket and put him in the car to take him to the vet.

First, the vet removed the ticks, which were already eating his blood.

His eyes were also in a bad condition and had a serious infection.

He was so weak that he could not even move on his own. He was finally given food and water.

He had waited so long for that moment and he definitely loved it! No one knows when he last ate.

They work around the clock to save him and do everything to make him feel better day by day.

Now he is safe and feels very comfortable. It seems unbelievable, but he managed to overcome those harsh days with his courage and his future will be much brighter than anyone could have imagined. He deserves a happy life.

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