Meet the ‘Magic Rabbit’ that for the first time has been noticed 20 years ago


As we all know our planet is an endless place full of infinite surprises. There are animals that we have never seen and probably will never know about.

So today we wanna introduce you one of that cutest animals I’m sure you have never seen or heard about earlier. Meet Ili Pika on of the rareest and the most endangered animals of this world.

What’s most interesting is that it has been last spotted 20 years ago. Their population is now less than 1000 and all of them live in their native country, in China.

They were firstly spotted in China in 1983, but since then their population has fallen for more than 70%.

The little cute creatures are most famously characterised by their similarities to a teddy bear and also their relation to a family favourite the rabbit.

They are considered to be one of the most rare creatures of this world. Scientist who discovered them seem to be so caring for them.

As they saw most of their species and do not wat them to become extinct. They even gave them name the magic rabbit.

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