Long-awaited joy. How lives the family where four years ago five babies were born at once


Quite a while back numerous news sources expounded on this wedded couple. Naturally, the birth of five children is a real event! We are going to tell you today how this large family ended up three years later.

Both Anna and Alex work in the railway industry, and they met at work. The couple started having feelings for each other right away, and they got married right away.

Anna was unable to become a parent, despite the couple’s hopes. However, the woman did not give up hope; she frequently prayed and had faith that they would still have everything.

In this family, the long-awaited miracle finally occurred. Additionally, this miracle was increased by five. One girl and four boys are present.

They were frequently asked how they dealt with so many young children. It’s really hard to picture.

The huge family lives in a house that they acquired from their grandma. The couple’s feelings have only grown stronger in spite of all the difficulties.

The husband is there for his wife at every step.

Anna wrote recently on her social media page, “We still love each other, nothing has changed, but now we have more responsibility in the form of our offspring.”

“I had four kids, but it turned out to be five!” She penned.

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