Little bunny born without ears gets the most incredible knitted sets from her owner


We all know that there are animal stories that will go viral and the whole internet. This is a story of a wonderful rabbit known as Mimi that was born with 3 legs and totally deaf.

So when their handler could not take care of them anymore Rodajia Welch tok their ahole family.

After some time when she noticed that Mimi was a bit different from other she decided to try and be creative and make her life brighter and more colorful. So Welch started knitting crative set of ears for her.

Also Welch added that the litter wears her own set of colorful ears only for photoshoots or around her. She does not tie it very tightly so that Mimi would be able to take them whenver she wants in the sake of safety.

She very easily let’s Welch to put he ears on and take some cute and amazing pictures and then takes of the ears when she feels cmfortable.

The litter’s previous owner became sick and was not able to take care of them so this girl took them.

And actually now they are living better and with eith brighter colors in their lifes.

Also the girl mentioned that she waits for the other to grow old enough so that they can have their own families and homes but she said that she will never let go of the tiny Mimi and she was going to keep her forever.

Who would have made her mind to get rid of this sweet creature.

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