It was so much fun watching the sweet little elephant play with the plastic bucket and laugh non-stop


I think it is rare to meet an elephant that’s laughing and many people cannot even imagine that these animals can make such sounds.

Everything happened at MEC reserve in Chang Mai. One day, a Scottish student named Lorraine came there to celebrate her graduation, but little did she know that in addition to celebrating the completion of her studies, she also got the opportunity to record such an amazing video.

In the video below, you can see how they play and have fun together.

Just a plastic bucket has given him so much happiness that he laughs non-stop. The kid was really excited about it.

The visitors of the reserve were also very impressed when they heard the charming sounds made by the elephant.

They stood with their mouths open as he laughed. The elephant’s laugh was so contagious that you can’t help but smile when you watch it.

Lorraine, who has completed a postgraduate degree in geology, relished looking at the animals. They really feel great there enjoying life with lots of fun games.

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