In Berlin, paparazzi saw Keanu Reeves with his lover: “The best is what he deserves”…


This will please moviegoers who enjoyed “The Matrix.” Germany is currently filming the fourth section of this fantastic movie.

This image would be incomplete without the main character. Keanu Reeves went to the set in Berlin with the lady he adores.

The German paparazzi caught the couple walking together on a Berlin street, according to the new video, which makes it appear that they are not sleeping.

When they saw pictures of him with his new girlfriend, his fans were overjoyed.

What did he notice about her? They said, “I don’t like her,” “Keanu deserves the best,” and other things like that.

Yes, they can argue throughout the day. However, it looks like this couple is content. Reeves hasn’t been this happy in a long time. What about you, too?

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