Hungry dogs were found to have accumulated after the owner’s death


South Missouri Missouri Humane Society Mac Rescue worked together to rescue dozens of puppies left stranded in a dreaded southern Missouri rural property. The owner had died, and the pets were left in their care.

It will take hours for rescuers to sift through the mountains of garbage, crawl through the dark to find all the dogs, and try to pull them out.

“We have no idea how ‘it’s getting so bad… we can’t focus on that because we know WHY each story is deeply interconnected for years,” Mac Rescue said on Facebook.

“We can not focus on why, because these dogs still need us. Unfortunately, no one will know the answer,” they continued.

“When this dynamically sweaty exhausted crew loaded them into a van, we all breathed a sigh of relief for these eight; we are actively planning to gather the rest of the scattered.”

Rescuers were able to find load eight dogs in their van to take to a clinic for treatment care. Unfortunately, five other dogs on the property were already dead. They are looking for foster homes until they are ready to adopt.

“Today’s a new day for eight dogs with zero hope,” said Mac Rescue. “Today they are starting to write a new story.”

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