Homeless dog hangs around car dealership: employees adopt him as their mascot


We are surrounded by many stray dogs. They all need shelter, food, and care.

But sometimes the luck of these animals comes unconsciously, being in the right place, with the right people. Today’s hero not only found a place to live but also a job.

A dog was wandering the streets of Brazil hoping to find food. He especially liked to walk around the Hyundai car dealership.

Soon he began to visit the hall more and more often. The employees of the dealer company got acquainted with him.

They realized that the dog was not visiting them out of curiosity, nor would he buy a car, he needed food, water, and a peaceful place.

Taking this into account, they let him in and took care of the dog.

In May, the dog was adopted by a dealer company. The animal had a caring staff around it, food, and a warm place. He received all the necessary vaccinations and medical care.

The dog got a special name – “Tuscon Prime” after the model dealer company of Hyundai.

However, every time customers came to buy a car, they fell in love with the dog. Thus, the employees realized that the dog could become their partner.

He soon received a badge with his ID and a photo. He is the selling dog the mascot of the hall.

The nice thing about this dog is that people who have bought a car before coming to Tosco to give him presents. This gesture proves how friendly and sociable this dog is.

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