He Found A Scared Dog Who Doesn’t Trust People At All And Is Very Sad


Cola Cariola is an animal enthusiast who dedicates her life to rescuing and helping animals in distress.

He and his wife are wonderful people who take care of animals. He now has his own YouTube channel dedicated to animal rescue movies, writes doginspiration

Cariola had the opportunity to save the terrified dog from the side of the road last year. He was surprised to see what happened to the unfortunate dog when he found him.

After leaving him for a few days and starving him, they turned him into a skeleton.

We believe that people who have not reached out to help this poor puppy should have hard hearts.

But, happily, the wonderful man with a big heart came to his aid, took the puppy home and took care of him.

However, he was terrified of all the horrible events of his life.

Even after being brought to safety, he continued to be afraid and insecure about others. Cariola tried to bathe him to remove the dirt

Then he kissed and hugged the dog so that he would feel safe and calm. When the man started kissing his snout, the dog began to trust him more.

After bathing, the dog was given a comfortable place to eat and sleep.

Eventually, he comes out of his shell and shows his sweet personality. She now has a loving home and a wonderful family she deserves.

We can not understand why individuals are so cruel to the animals they so abandon.

No dog should be forced to suffer like this. Many thanks to the kind person present for rescuing this amazing dog. hence it is expensive.

God bless you for this wonderful work. We tend, therefore, we want him to be happy, to feel close.

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