Every time people meet these unique twin brothers, thousands of questions arise about them


The sweet couple never ceases to surprise with their children, who are twin brothers.

The thing is, the kids, named Clay and Cole, don’t look like each other at all.

Cole has brown skin and hair, as well as brown eyes, while as for Clay, he has blue eyes, blond hair, and fair skin.

As they say, the main reason for this was the genetics of their parents, in whose family the mother is British and the father is Jamaican.

The probability of such a phenomenon, that two children can have different genes, is extremely small, so everyone who meets them gets confused.

“When we meet people for the first time, they just don’t believe us when we tell them our babies are twins.”

But as soon as the next moment they realize that the children’s mother is telling the truth, many questions pile up for everyone at once.

“When we walk together, we are always approached by a lot of people asking about the twins.

When I was pregnant, we thought too much about what the babies would look like, but we never imagined they would be so different, opposites of each other.”

Although the twins look so different, they get along very well with each other.

“They understand each other very well and have a great bond with each other from the very first day.

They seem to have created a small team, where everyone plays their role perfectly”.

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