Endless 20-hour-long savior mission rescues life of gigantic sperm whale weighing 10 tons


In the later of times a gigantic sperm whale was noticed in the shore, in the south of Shangai. The biggest fear was that if he was not relocated into waters in time, he will pass away from dehydration.

In spite of the evidence that whales also breathe oxygen, they need water as well to keep from over heating.

The whales can be in danger of fainting under their own weight or can drown if their blowhole is highly covered.

So the clever firefighters brought a savior team, who sprayed water on the its giant body and build a seawater pool to help it stay alive.

There were also other people who voluntarily tries to assist in the process of relocating its heavy body. They used guide ropes and brought it to shallow seas.

They brought tugboat to assist the whale go deeper spots of the ocean. And when the boat reached it’s highest level the animal was freed in deep spots after the rescue team broke the hauling rope.

The local media captured the amazing moments of savior. And they even took the moment when the whale was released to see and was noticed swimming far away in the waters.

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