Dumped Dog Who Couldn’t Stand Up, Waiting For Help


When he approached him, he saw that his legs were swollen and bent, and his front leg was in the same condition.

A clever Beagle / Hound mix was found by a noble Samaritan at a construction site known for dumping dogs.

When this dog was found, he could not get up as if calling for a cold for several days in the dirt.

He rushed to the rescue of a stray rescuer in St. Louis. Before they arrived, the caller helped the dog with what he had, giving him a coat as a blanket.

It was obvious that he had broken his legs, then he was taken by jeep. He did not even listen.

They immediately sent him to a veterinary clinic, where they learned that the young dog had multiple fractures in both legs.

Unfortunately, the damage was bad, and funding needed to be raised so he could have surgery to repair the damage.

The freight express, as they called the dog, has a long way to go before it can be repaired or restored.

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