Dog toys continue to disappear, they see the culprit on the camera


Sancho Panza often leaves his toys in the yard, but in the last few mornings, those toys have disappeared. Sancho his father, Brian Chisholm, could not understand what was happening.


And then they found a big pile of dog toys in the field…

“Every morning my dog lacks toys,” the video caption reads. But who could do that? Brian decided to install a camera to find out once and for all.

Coyote! Not only did this boy take the toys out of the yard, but he also had some fun with them. It’s very similar to our pets, isn’t it?

After all, no harm, no violation. And while sharing is a concern, they pick up their toys every morning to keep them safe The coyote has not returned in the last few nights.

But what a story he will tell!


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