Cute little pittie ‘freaks out’ when he notices brother in the car next to him


This is a story of three sibling pitbulls. Their owners met in the line while they were waiting to adopt them. Meet Lebowski, Girl, Clifford.

Most amazing thing about them is that no matter living in different houses they still have a very strong bond. Lebowski was 10 weeks old when was adopted and he became instant friends with his human.

They enjoyed each other’s company very much. Also the humans developed a special bond because of the dogs, as they are meeting regularly for their dogs to see one another.

Actually every single year they celebrate their birthdays together. They created a beautiful relationship after adopting the siblings.

Every time they met all of them had such a great time that they thought that it would be amazing to have this constantly. The humans thought it’s important for the dogs to meet.

And they were having so much fun every time and kept showering each other with kisses. And Scarley their little friend was four years old when they came to this big family.

She is like their little human sister, whom they love differently from others. All of them feel happy and loved while being together.

They got together every year and celebrate birthdays. They have all the party hats, lots of ballons and huge amount of love for each other. It is obvious that they adore one another.

Scarley always brought them a cake and they were patiently waiting while everybody sang for them. And as Scarley gave them the permission they would start eating the cake.

They love cakes. And also they care about very much their plays and all the party. At the end of the party they would lay down exhausted from all the playing.

Scarley shared that they mean so much to her. She just loves them all, and the doggies give her so mush love and devotion. She will never forget the amazing days she spent with them.

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