After spending 275 days in a shelter, the pit bull was finally adopted by a loving family who will give him the life he’s always dreamed of.


The only thing he had always dreamed of was having a forever family.

It is such a happy moment when people come to adopt shelter dogs and it becomes even more exciting when they have spent a very long time in the shelter.

Paco is our sweet hero who spent 275 days in the shelter.

The reason they didn’t want to adopt him was that he was already old, and besides that, he came from the pit bull breed, about which there are many myths in our society.

So no one wanted to take him home until this couple saw him… After 275 days, finally someone wanted to take him home.

He had waited for that day so long. Finally, his forever family came.

The dog was so excited that he couldn’t stop wagging his tail and jumping.

When his new father came to pick him up, at first the sweet pit bull had no idea what was going on.

He seemed to have given up hope of being adopted, but suddenly he saw his new father walking towards him.

It was impossible to control the excitement. Everyone was so happy.

Our Paco will now live with his loving family, who have promised to give him the love he has always dreamed of.

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