After receiving her very first toy ever, the rescued beagle never leaves that even for a minute


The rescue of 129 dogs shocked everyone. Also with them was Dory, one of the doggos that was rescued from the Envaigo kennel and transferred to Triangle Beagle Rescue center.

She did not come there alone. She brought eight pups with her.

She was a very caring mother and did everything to take care of them one by one. Everyone there is in awe of her motherly love.

Dory was soon placed in her new foster home where her new family helped her learn to be a “dog”.

The point is that after being saved, everything was not over yet.

She still had a long way to go to overcome all that and be a normal dog.

One day she stole a ball of wool from the dryer and started playing with it.

Seeing this, her foster mother decided to buy her her own toys. It was probably the happiest day of Dory’s life.

When she saw her new green toy, she immediately fell in love with it and refused to put it down ever since.

She even kept it close to her while eating and enjoyed her food that way.

Probably the reason for all this was that she had never had a toy before and after getting her first one, she didn’t want to part with it even for a minute.

It is true that Dory is not ready to be adopted yet, but every day she feels better and we are sure that day will come soon.

After some time she will surely be in her forever home , enjoying all the love and attention of her family.

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