A woman saved a dog from euthanasia, making its final days the happiest


We have already shared with you the stories of several dogs whose owners decided to make a big list and accomplish all of them with their beloved dogs before they die.

They make these lists mostly for their terminally ill or elderly dogs.

All this is done to make their last days the happiest and to give them unforgettable memories.

After all, they are always by our side at all moments of life, ready to support us in every way. They are even ready to give their lives for us.

Their owners also want to fill their pets’ days with positive and warm memories every day.

The point is that the two dogs were decided to be abandoned by their owners and euthanized.

One of them was only 12 years old when his preveious owners decided to euthanize him and he seemed to feel what was waiting for him.

But fortunately, a wonderful woman appeared at that time, who rescued both dogs and took them to her home.

It is true that one of them did not have long to live because he was sick, but the woman was strongly against the idea of ​​euthanizing him.

He wanted to do everything to make the dog forget about all his pains and feel the happiest.

Of course, she succeeded, because love and warmth can heal all kinds of pain. Her main mission was to hug the dog 1000 times before he died.

That was the first item on the list and it is impossible to deny the fact that the dog lives the best days of his life getting everything he wants.

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