A pregnant wanderer injured by a car is ignored for a week


Stray dogs face many difficulties and struggles. One of the nightmare scenarios endangered by stray dogs is hitting a car, writes a blog. theanimalrescuesite. greater good.

It can often be fatal, but sometimes it can lead to horrible, painful injuries. A dog got into a difficult situation after being hit by a car.

Pooh, named Mia, was thought to have been run over by a sleepy driver as he walked down the street. As a result, he received a terrible leg injury.

The poor dog had a drooping leg, which meant he could not walk properly. Due to a leg injury, Mia had to crawl for about a week in search of food throughout her pregnancy.

Given his condition, things were not going well for him.

Fortunately, Mia was not doomed to spend the rest of her days in the street injured. Someone called for help, and then Alina came to Mia’s aid

He managed to get the dog to a safe place, where he was evaluated by veterinarians.

And it was here that they discovered in astonishment that Mia would become a mother. They knew it was a race against time to get Mia healthy so she could take care of her cubs.

Given that Mia’s injuries were a broken leg, such as a broken, dislocated ankle, recovery would not be easy. He needed surgery to remove the injuries.

Mia came out with the help of her surgeon just in time for her babies to be born.

The mama dog was well treated and was able to use her two front legs. We are happy to see that this little family has had a happy ending.

Watch the video below.

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