2381 days after the rejection, the sad shelter dog confines himself to a lonely corner


Higgins is a loving German shepherd who was easily adopted when he was a puppy.

However, just days after the adoption, the injured crown ran to the shelter. The workers realized that Higgins was not happy in his new home, and no one came to look for him.

However, almost six and a half years have passed since that day, and Higgins is still in the shelter.

Volunteers from the Preble County Humanitarian Association in Ohio say poor Higgins spent 2,381 days in the shelter after being rejected several times and dying.

His playful mood has changed to gloomy as he is confined to a lonely corner all day. Now that Higgins is getting older, his chances of finding a home have dwindled significantly.

Asylum has begged people to give this sweet boy a fair chance to save him from the misery of a life that has not been fulfilled. Let’s help Higgins find a home forever.

Update. We are pleased to announce that a man named Brandon Reed has adopted Higgins.

The couple instantly got along like a match made in paradise. We are so relaxed that Higgins got a deserved second chance. This left us in happy tears.

Click on the video below to see how Higgins feels at home with Brandon for the first time.

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