2 women who were trying to help a dog trapped on the highway were almost killed by a drunk driver


Shelby Stevenson was driving on a highway in Houston, Texas when he saw a dog trembling alone in the middle of the line.

He knew that if he continued to drive, the driver would most likely hit the dog, so he pulled his car to save him, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

He tried to call at least 18 people he knew to help, but could not force anyone to leave. Eventually, better Samaritans emerged.

“So I made him lie down, I called probably 18 different places trying to get someone here to help me get this dog,” Stevenson said.

A driver named Cosandra Ramirez saw the breakdown and came to the aid of a police officer on a motorcycle. Suddenly the rescuers heard the squeak of the tires the squeak of the metal.

Stevenson looked up and saw cars running toward him, cars spinning, cars hitting. The policeman’s motorcycle was destroyed by a drunk driver, who then got out of his car and ran out.

Animal control allowed the dog to enter, but it was planned to euthanize it due to overcrowding. Stevenson could not allow this to happen, especially after he and the others went to the rescue of the dog.

He took her out of the apartment, named her Krash and is now in the care of a foster family. The drunk driver was brought, and no one was seriously injured in the accident.

Special thanks to everyone who took the initiative to save Crash’s life.

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