Young lady married an 83-year-old billionaire, but life played a sad joke on her head


James Howard Marshall II, who was almost 90 years old and had a lot of money, proposed to Anna Smith, a clever young woman.

This young woman married a billionaire who was 83 years old, but fate played a cruel joke on her.

The elderly man was well aware that Anna was only with him for money and that she was anticipating her husband’s death. Anyone who knew the story could tell.

James passed away shortly after. As usual, the young woman “wore mourning clothes.” She was now awaiting the will. Even a movie about Anna’s reaction to the news that her husband left her nothing could be made.

Pierce was James’s only beneficiary of his entire wealth. The woman did not get irate when she awoke. He appeared in court.

The woman was able to wed a man who represented her in court while the case was being heard.

However, he failed to prevail in the case despite this union. Pierce received all of the wealth, but he was unable to take advantage of his father’s estate when he passed away.

Anna had a child at this time, and since Pierce had passed away, she received his property. But after having a child, the woman started having problems, and a few days later, she died.

He was unable to appreciate his long-awaited wealth…

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