Young Girl On Her Mini Horse Doesn’t Realize She’s Got A Little Hitchhiker


Anyone who owns a horse will tell you how cats and horses are often best friends. Many horses rested in their stable rested in the presence of a stable cat.

It is strange why two different creatures are so comforting to each other, but their dependence on each other can be very touching.

A little equestrian named Abigail recently discovered that her 28-year-old miniature pony Gallant had a strong friendship with her cat, Dood. The trio was filmed together, literally, on a family ranch.

Mini horse cat A six-year-old girl can be seen in this video riding her little pony on a fragile, snowy background and having a good time.

Then the child and his mother encourage the cat to sit on the boat too, he does not need much provocation.

In an instant, Dood jumps on Galant’s trunk, abiding in Abigail’s saddle, for a rugged ride.

Little Galant does not like the fact that he has extra travel, as he happily walks in the barn with his best friends, who enjoy the journey.

The two creatures trust each other their little girl.