You will also be surprised with whom the sweet girl imitated the “Beauty and the Beast” dance


Do these characters remind you of someone?

Yes, I’m sure you guessed it right: Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”.

It is a famous animaation movie and as you can see, this sweet duo decided to imitate them.

Even in adulthood, many people continue to be big fans of Disney cartoons, always following all the newly born characters.

3-year-old Kyle loves this cartoon very much and her wish was to look like her favorite cartoon character.

She also had a very loyal friend who was ready to help his best friend in everything to make everything look like more magical.

It was her beloved dog who agreed to play the character of the monster.

So finally the characters were prepared and they were ready to imitate the famous heroes.

It’s so sweet to watch how the girl grabs the dog Rudy by the paws and leads him to the stage. They were dressed so beautifully.

Everything was just fantastically thought out. They did a great job imitating the cartoon characters. As always, Rudy was a great companion for his best friend.

You two are so sweet!!

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