When they brought him to the shelter it was obvious, that he was much more different from his siblings


When the babies were brought to the humane society, the staff noticed something very strange.

They knew who to call for help in such cases. It was Michelle, one of thw volunteers.

She had already fostered many animals with special needs, but Michelle had never met a kitten that captured her heart so ”fiercely”.

She immediately agreed to take care of them, and the youngest of them, Widget, immediately caught her whole attention.

The fact is that the kitten was born a dwarf, which was the result of genetic anomalies.

This, as we know, leads to an unusual appearance of the body.

This kitty had a very prominent frown which gave it a rather unique look.

It was very obvious that he was different from his brothers and sisters because of his unique appearance and facial expression. In addition, he also weighed less than other cats.

He was nicknamed “wrinkly cat” After spending some time in foster care, all of his siblings quickly found their forever homes, and as for this scowl-faced little cat, he had already choses Michelle as his new family .

Widget is now enjoyin his life to the fullest in his sweet home with his super caring mom as well as his other siblings.

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