When the young girl began to perform Celine Dion, the stunned jury immediately turned around…


Giedie Laroco is only 13 years old, but she is already able to imagine what she wants to achieve throughout her life.

Her only wish is to become a famous singer, which she will undoubtedly succeed, because even being so young, she managed to shock an entire audience. She is able to ideally use her unique skill, making everyone present amazed.

Her parents thought this was a great opportunity for their daughter as this reality show is being telecast all over the world.

When the girl went on stage for her blind audition, she already felt everything, every minute.

All that, the great stage, the people with eager eyes gave her much more motivation to give everything she could and prepared for.

So she took full advantage of the opportunity given to her to showcase her talent as a great artist.

Despite such a young age, the girl chose such a song that even famious singers could be afraid to perform on such a stage, but everything was simply stunning.

She hit every note of the song so perfectly. Just watch…

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