When she opened the box found in her balcony, it simply shocked her to the core


One day, when this woman went to her balcony, she found a box there.

When she approached to check what was inside, she found that it contained a small kitty. It surprised her a lot.

The baby had a big wound on his neck, so she immediately picked him up and took him to the nearest animal hospital.

There they were helped by veterinarian Elise Hall, who began to examine the cat.

He was quite shy at first, but hour by hour he began to reveal his sweet nature, becoming more friendly and sociable. The staff decided to take care of the kitten until he was ready to go to his forever home.

Kind people named him Porg. He had such huge eyes.

The results of the examination showed that the kitten suffers from a disease called Ehllers- Danlos syndrome .

That’s why he often wears clothes that can protect his skin which are also quite comfortable for him.

The disease certainly caused some eye problems, but they are able to control the situation by using eye drops every day.

Porg had a very sweet nature and he immediately became a member of the family, so Elise had no intention of finding another home for him.

SHe simply captured her heart and Elise could not imagine her life without a kitten.

His unique look makes people fall in love with him instantly.

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