“We never planned on having so many children before, but now we just find it perfect.”


The couple had twelve children in 12 years, so I think it is clear what adventures their daily life is full of.

Wife, Courtney, is 37 y ears old, and her husband, Chris, is 34 years old who is a pastor.

The couple say that when they were planning to get married, they never intended to have so many children, but now they find it “perfect”.

Their eldest son was born in 2010, after which his five brothers and six sisters were born.

They have a farm with more than 200 animals, including lots of pigs, sheep and chickens.

With so many children, so many animals? As if the kids weren’t enough to chase :))

After getting married, Coutney was only seven months without pregnancy. It also happened that she miscarried, so there is a 20-month difference between two of her children.

Courtney also considers herself quite lucky because she is able to take care of so many children and is very satisfied with her life.

Now she already has approximately 35,000 followers on Instagram, where she likes to talk about her family and everyday life.

With no plans for future children, the parents are focusing their efforts on home improvements, including that they want to convert their four-bedroom house into a seven-bedroom.

The woman says that they are all quite close and help each other in all matters.

She helps her children do all their schoolwork when they are young.

When they get older, starting at age 12, they apply for online tutoring. They all have breakfast together at 8 in the morning, after which their classes begin: math, language classes, then reading hours, as well as piano lessons and so on.

At 17:00, the family is already having dinner. A typical meal for this large family consists mainly of 24 eggs, an entire box of cereal, which is already consumed at breakfast.

Along with all this, Courtney even manages to have Instagram blog. It is just amazing how they manage to do all this.

“Most people sometimes think we’re crazy for having so many children,” said Courtney, “but I have a few friends who have bigger families. I’m happy with my life and grateful for everything I have.”

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