Truck driver checks his tires, finds tiny orphan animal hiding there


In Namibia, a truck driver was ready for his shift, so he checked his tires, as he always does before the flight.

Only this time a small, unexpected visitor turned around on one of the tires. It was an aardvark, an elusive mammal native to South Africa.

The first thought that came to the driver’s mind was to look for the baby’s mother, but, unfortunately, there was no trace of him.

Assuming he could be completely alone, the truck diver decided to help the little box, so he carefully took it and put it in the truck.

When they arrived at the truck company’s headquarters, they called Dr. Erika de Jager, a local veterinarian who also runs the ZURI Orphanage, a small orphanage rehabilitation center.

Dr. Erika was more than happy to take the small box inside. offer him the love and comfort he needed. “It was love at first sight for me,” she told The Dodo.

Even ET What he called it was the first box he had to take care of, Dr. Erika was sure everything would be fine և the poor baby would make it.

“We had to do a lot of experiments with different nipples,” he said. “Then we started feeding him imported milk, he immediately started gaining weight.”

When he arrived at the orphanage, at about three months old, he began to interact with two rescue dogs, Spoki and Zara. And Dr. Erica could not believe her eyes at how quickly they became friends.

For E.T. Interacting with other animals was exactly what he needed for emotional healing.

“The dogs were interested in him, they just reacted as if he were another puppy,” said Dr. Erika.

“They are used to goats [deer] like goats and deer, so it was not unusual for them. They just played with him as if he were one of them.

He slept like a child with dogs ների in dog beds. I do not think that ET understood that he was an argument. I think he just assumed he was a dog. ”

After working in the center for five months, E.T. was fully recovered, he was strong enough to be released into the wild where he belongs. However, according to Dr. Erika, he is still returning to his adopted mother to visit his old friends.

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