This shelter cat adores standing like a person to beg for tasty treats


Due to his conflict with his family’s children, Bruno turned himself in to Wright-Way Rescue in Illinois in April. According to the shelter staff, Bruno’s weight was a significant issue that required treatment.

Because he weighed 25 pounds, he would have trouble running away from children when he wanted his own space. Big cat Bruno just wants to be loved and cared for.

He enjoys exaggerating in front of those he cares about. Bruno’s preference for standing on his hind legs is the odd thing about him.

He eats whenever he wants food, and the outcome is satisfying because he gets his favorite treats this way.

“If he wants to live to be an old man, he has to lose at least 10 pounds at 25 pounds and up,” Wright-Way Rescue employee Erin Thomas told The Dodo.

“Right now, we’re taking it to pound by pound.” Because he is “overloved,” I believe he is overweight. Bruno exhibits a number of bizarre behaviors and eccentricities in addition to posing on his hind legs.

He enjoys being petted while he eats. Until you pat him, he will meow and stare at you. He can eat without being pet, but he enjoys companionship for some reason.

He also enjoys drinking water, but he won’t drink from the kitchen’s water basins. Instead, he requires numerous water pitchers dispersed throughout the house.

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