This Rescued Baby Cow Thinks He Is One Of The Dogs. But What He Did When No One Was Around? LOL!


I knew that in adolescence, people sometimes have identity crises, they try to understand their individuality.

They try to find out who they belong to. However, I never knew that animals would go through this stage as well.

The rescued kitten is now convinced that he is a dog, having lived with three kittens for two months.

Goliath, a calf, was rescued by high school student Shailey Hubbs from a dairy farm that was going to slaughter him.

After rescuing her, Shailey and her family helped her recover by feeding them a bottle in California.

Leonida, the big Danish member of the family, also started giving birth to a dog.

His mother, Shailee, is convinced that Goliath thinks he is a dog too. The bull runs with the dogs, lies in their dog beds, plays with the dogs’ toys.

Goliath was also able to enter the house after the family left the door. When they returned, they found him sitting on the couch.

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