This lady fell in love with a homeless man and married him. How they live now?


Emmy Abrahamson is a Swedish writer who, in the truest sense of the word, met her soulmate on the street. Emmy changed Vic Kokula’s life dramatically after he met her.

The American was homeless and had bad habits. Emmy Abrahamson went to Amsterdam in 2006.

She once sat down on a bench while walking, and a homeless Vic approached her to inquire about the time. It’s odd because a huge clock was hanging above this bench.

Despite the fact that he was filthy and had such a bad smell, Emmy realized how much she liked him. I knew right away that he was homeless. His hair and beard were greasy, and he was completely filthy.

However, as we began chatting, I became aware that he has the most stunning brown eyes I have ever seen. And he immediately made me laugh,” Abrahamson recalls.

The man and the woman agreed to meet at the same location in five days because they felt sympathy for one another. The following is Vic’s account:

He wanted to travel from the United States to Europe a few years ago, but he quickly ran out of money. I was unable to finish everything I had planned because the money ran out earlier than I anticipated.

Therefore, I told myself, “OK, I’ll do it without money.” The man began to beg, slept on the street, and eventually started drinking alcohol.

Things didn’t go the manner in which he arranged. Vic also came to the realization that he had merely transformed into an alcoholic who lived on the streets.

Abrahamson and Kokula met on the same bench for the first time five days later, and they spent the entire day together.

However, it was time for Emmy to return to her home in Vienna. The woman flew home and gave Vick her phone number in the hope that they would meet again.

The phone rang after some time… The wedding was held in an old castle. Vic got a job as an electrician with the help of his beloved. Desta and Til were twins born to the couple.

Emmy wrote the book “How to Fall in Love with a Man Who Lives in the Bushes” after being inspired by her own love story.

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