This is the Indian giant squirrel that is just too perfect to be considered real


Meeting queer creatures is something magial for people. And such kind of event happened to expert John Koprowski when he 1st met Malabar the giant squirrel. They also call him an Indian giant.

The man could not get what he encountered, and even at 1st he thought that it was a primate, but no it’s a squirrel with massive sizes and very unique furr.

What’s most interesting is that size ain’t the only unique thing about this creature also the colors of it’s furr is unbelievable. Scroll down to ses some pictures of the little one.

In fact it’s just a gigantic squirrel and it is two times bigger that the eastern gray squirrel that we all are used to seeing. There can be a full range of colours from black to purple.

Maroon and purple are the main types that are more common in mammals which makes them even more special.

What’s most important is that these light colours does not only assist them to look pretty but also keeps them safe in the wild.

Under the shades their colors seems to be darker and not so attractive but when being under the sun you will be able to see their whole charm.

What comes to eating their diet includes fruits, vegetables, nuts and such like. But there are also subspecies that are omnivorous and they eat some kinds of meat.

Malabars do not usually visit the earth they live high up in the wood canopy, where they jump and leap from one tree to another.

Fortunately now they are not under danger but they will need to be protected.

The chanse of seeing them in real life is very slight as in that case you will not only have to visit eastern or southern India but you would also have to go deeper into the forests.

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