This is Giselle who became a mother at the age of 60: Meet her daughter Cleopatra, how she lives and looks at the age of 7


The entire nation was alarmed by this story in 2015. At the age of 60, Giselle Shubenina gave birth.

Some people said that the woman’s decision to become a mother at this age was very strange and unfair, and many people started to condemn the woman right away.

The child was rumored to have been born sick, disabled, or to be certain to get sick in the future. Giselle claimed that if she was doing this, there was a reason for it, and she did not respond to any of these statements.

When she was younger, the woman had her first serious relationship. Soon after they tied the knot, a son joined the family. She meets a man who is eight years younger than her at 50.

The couple got together because of love. Giselle had doubts about her luck. They went through this grief together, and Alexei did everything in his power to help his beloved.

Soon after, he makes a marriage proposal to a woman. However, in the future, they started to consider children. Despite Giselle’s advanced age, she still made the decision to become pregnant.

Despite the doctors’ warnings, she ignored their advice. She survived, thankfully, and gave birth to a healthy daughter. Cleopatra was the baby’s name, and she was born on January 16, 2015.

The media became interested in Giselle and her family as a result of this story, and they were even invited to the television show. She is now seven years old.

She is very upbeat, energetic, and upbeat. She has absolutely no concerns regarding the fact that her parents are no longer young at this point.

When the baby was born, everyone said the girl would be sick and disabled, Giselle recalls. However, this is not the case; her development is comparable to that of her peers and she is perfectly healthy.

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