This homeless teen boy having “nothing to lose” graduates top of his class and becomes a motivation for others


In our surroundings there are lots of people who adore high scholl but there are also those who hate it. Not taking into consideration one’s personal experience no one can deny how important the high school education is.

In the list of lots of things learned in there from an academic point of view and socially, is the fact that devotion and hard work always pay off.

High school gives us a lot experience in any inds of fields. There we learn the value of success.

Of course there are more things to happiness than just simply to achieve grateness in life, but would ever say that having the motivation and all that educational background is a bad thing.

One of the biggest achievements that one can has in high school is being named valedictorian. That’s a great honor.

In those years most of the students decide to take a ‘year off’ based on different reasons. But if you want to be called valedictorian you cannot even take a day off from studying, not unless you want to put under risk your grades.

I’m sure that you believe that only students with stable surroundings can achieve this title but our story came to break that stereotype. Meet Griffin, the guy who achieved that title while not having any stability around.

To tell the truth, Griffin and his dad have been struggling with homelessness for the last 12 years. Not considering all that difficulties Griffin had made her mind to won the odds, and graduated.

That wasn’t enough he even got the name of valedictorian for his class. During all that years Griffin didn’t even had the security of his own bedroom.

Griffin is a great example for everybody of his age, and he is a mature kid for his age. When he was asked what he felt to graduate all he said was that all he wanted to do is to show that anyone is able to do that.

He said that he does whatever he does just because he does not want to live the way he did all that time.

This story came to show that if you see someone in a bad situation all you need to do is to be there for them to help and be thankful for what you have.

His mom unexpectedly died of cancer and his dad was not able to afford the house on his own.

Griffin remembered on night being in his bed having absolutely nothing to eat, knowing that next day he had school.

What he was going through was terrible, but none of teachers ever knew about his situation. Griffin for sure has an amazing future ahead and his father must be so proud.

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