This “heart-broken” dog ran away from home every day to visit the grave of its master.


In Turkey, the faithful dog was very saddened by the death of its owner, who often disappeared from the house, but no one knew where he had fled until one day, writes Menomonee.

The famous saying “a dog is man’s best friend” is a standard phrase that explains the dog’s loyalty, unfortunately, is the most accurate saying ever made about dogs.

Everyone was amazed at the heartbreaking story of Hachiko’s unusual loyalty to her master, even when she gave up the ghost. The same incident took place in Turkey.

It started when the Turkish Ismail Ozturk decided to adopt an abandoned newborn puppy. Later, he named the puppy Zozo, which is why the dog was tied to Ozturk because he treated him with great care.

However, on February 10, 2014, Ozturk renounced his spirit. Many mourned his death, as did Zoza.

Immediately after Ozturk’s funeral, the family noticed that Zozo often ran away from home and returned shortly afterwards. But they never knew where Zozo had gone.

One day Ozturk’s son, Zafer Ozturk, came to visit his grave. As he looked at his father’s grave, he noticed an amazing figure lying on top of his father’s grave.

The family later confessed that Zozo had run away from home to go to Ozturk’s grave because he had missed his master so much.

Whether Zozo can not talk about how much he missed Ozturk, he showed his love by visiting his grave every day.

His love for his owner is simply pure and extraordinary.

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