This deaf dog announces herself nanny to seven beagle cute puppies


Butter and her seven gorgeous puppies were adopted by a wonderful foster mother. Butter was so withdrawn that she couldn’t look at her. She was too scared to face the world and hid under furniture.

Butter didn’t know what it was like to live outside of a cage because she spent her entire life in a breeding facility.
Jasmine, the 100-pound deaf dog owned by the foster mom, adores puppies.

The small Beagles attracted her immediately. Jasmine took over while Butter was still decompressing. She stepped in as their pro-cuddle buddy and playmate and became their nanny.

Butter didn’t know what to think at first, but she eventually learned to trust Jasmine. She ensured that the puppies were well looked after by the loyal dog.

She was always aware of their location. Jasmine lay happily on the ground and let the puppies playfully and lovingly maul her.

Each day Jasmine awakened and went directly to “her” doggies to ensure they were completely represented.

The story goes on, and it’s too amazing not to continue. Dogs are truly miraculous beings!

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