This bunny who was referred as “ugly ” and was sold on Craigslist finds a perfect home and girlfriend


Because Milo is regarded as the ugliest bunny in the litter, his owner was selling him for $25. When Sabrina looked for furniture on Craigslist, he entered her life.

She felt terrible for the tiny bunny because she accidentally saw his advertisement.

The residence of Milo’s previous owner was only two hours away from Sabrina’s. She quickly made her way to the house of the previous owner after asking her husband for permission to adopt Milo.

Sabrina and her husband inquired with the previous owner, who informed them that they were selling the bunny because he was the ugliest of the litter.

Milo falls in love with Sabrina as soon as he enters his new residence. He would accompany her on every excursion. Even better, Sabrina learns how to care for bunnies; She joins a nearby bunny rescue.

She quickly realizes that bunnies must be in pairs. She adopts Luna from the rescue because of this. Milo and Luna have a special connection.

They are adorable and freely move around together. While sleeping, the two bunnies also cuddle up to one another.
Luna has more energy than Milo, whereas Milo is lazy.

Nevertheless, they never fail to spend time together. Luna is a troublemaker by nature who enjoys receiving pets from her human father. She is also very sassy and a big cuddler.

Luna, on the other hand, prefers to remain alone, while Milo is a social bunny. Milo loves to meet, greet, and smell visitors whenever they come home.

Luna would, regrettably, always fall behind. The two bunnies cuddle up next to Sabrina as she sleeps at night. Sabrina must therefore sleep diagonally.

Sabrina always expresses her gratitude to Luna, who makes Milo very happy.

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