This bride chose her 89-year-old grandmother as her bridesmaid and she was the happiest


Having a wise grandmother as a role model brings the most joy to life, and the fact that she can also share in your marriage’s happiness is even more special.

After participating in her granddaughter’s wedding as a bridesmaid, an 89-year-old woman recently gained fame on the internet.

When her partner proposed to Christina Quinn, she was overwhelmed with joy. She was surrounded by loved ones who provided her with emotional support throughout the wedding planning process.

Christina made a surprising decision as she got ready for her big day that would eventually make her famous all over the world.

Nobody anticipated the impact that Christina’s invitation to her grandmother to be a part of her bridal party would have.

Although it is unusual for a woman 89 years old to accept the role of bridesmaid, Christina and her grandmother were determined to see it through.

A few months later, the grandmother demonstrated that it is possible to live life to the fullest at any age, despite her initial reservations. She also attended the wedding.

The bride’s grandmother was given a prominent spot on the wedding party bus, and rather than retiring early, she continued the celebration with the other guests.

She participated fully in the wedding festivities and danced all night. The time Christina’s grandmother danced with her husband’s grandmother is one memory she holds very dear.

Christina shared her wise words as she reflected on the wedding celebration, “Age is just a number, you are as old as you feel, and today I feel young!”

She also gave her grandmother high marks, claiming that “she has an incredible sense of humor and outlook on life.” I endeavor to learn from her.

She is beloved by all! This grandmother truly inspires us all, and we can all benefit from her upbeat outlook on life. It’s wonderful to see older people truly enjoying life and serving as an inspiration to the next generation.

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