This boy at the age of 9, started providing food for street pets: At the age of 13, he already has his own house


Kenny runs his own animal sanctuary. He is 13 years old. However, it goes without saying that setting up a shelter for stray animals takes time.

When Kenny was nine years old, he saw a group of stray dogs on his way to school. The child wanted to assist them.

Kenny started saving his parents’ money for himself. He did it so that he could buy food for stray dogs. The young man provided food for a group of people who lived nearby his school.

Naturally, a nine-year-old child would not be able to conceal from his parents very long his refusal to pay for meals in the school cafeteria.

Kennie’s father eventually pursued his son. The man felt moved and proud of the young man as he observed the activity. He took a lot of pictures and shared them online.

Because Little Kenny had done so many good deeds, people started donating animals to him. The shelter was built on these activities.

In 2014, Kennie’s shelter opened its doors. The refuge, which a young person started with help from parents and money from social media, is a real help.

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