They thought they’ve adopted an ordinary kitten, but it appears that it was not so at all


The story is about a Thai family who found a small kitten near their home and assumed it was from a normal cat mother.

The kitten appeared to be two days old, was still incredibly weak, and it required special care. So, the family took the kitten to the vet to learn how to take care of such a small animal.

The family found out there that the kitten they’d found wasn’t from a regular cat; rather, it was the cub of a rare cat—a fishermen’s cat.

This kind of cat is already regarded as rare because there are few remaining. Fisher felines got this title since they love water definitely and can get fish well from the water.

They also consider the fish they catch to be their primary source of food. How did a rare, wild cat cub end up near the house of a Thai family?

It turns out that this Thai family assisted a sick cat a few months ago, who also turned out to be a cat fisherman. Every day, they brought her food and water to their home.

Then she vanished suddenly and never returned. The pregnant cat believed that the best place to give birth to her kittens would be a home where she could be loved and fed.

Additionally, it appears that she dropped one of her kittens by accident as she carried them into the forest. As a result, he was found by good people, and we praise God that they were able to save him in time.

Presently the fledgling lives in a safe house in which there are wild creatures and all is great with him. He develops, is active, and receives adequate care.

The young fisherman will be released to freedom and his family when he reaches independence.

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