They offered to terminate the pregnancy because of some problems, but she categorically refused their offer…


Seeing twins always brings joy, right?

So we decided to convey this warm emotions to you too.

Have you always wondered how their own parents distinguish them?

In fact, the probability of twins being born is quite low and it is known that only 2% of identical twins are born.

And what is the probability of having four? According to statistics, this can happen only in 1 in 64 million cases.

When the doctors did the first ultrasound, they found out that not one, but four hearts beat under the woman’s heart.

Since there was a certain danger, they offered the woman to terminate the pregnancy, but the woman refused that offer categorically.

As surprising as it was to the doctors, all four fetuses developed in the same placenta, so the doctors did not give any prognosis that babies would be healthy.

Therefore, the daughters were born prematurely, the two sisters were completely healthy, and the other two were very underweight.

But luckily, a miracle seems to have happened, as the little girls caught up with their other sisters, who were born at a normal weight.

Soon it even seemed impossible to distinguish them.

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