The workers of Elephant Care center decdied to knit warm sweaters for rescued elephants


Since the winters in Northern India are quite cold, volunteers at the local Elephant Care Center decided to knit some cute sweaters for the elephants there.

In fact, it is not so easy, because elephants are considered the largest land mammalc on the planet.

It takes more than 4 weeks to make one sweater.

However, volunteers are willing to put in their efforts to help these animals and take excellent care of them.

Knitwear is very warm and comfortable for these big animals.

They also give new breath to their life and are very trendy.

It is very important to do everything to provide a calm environment for these elephants and keep them protected from severe cold, especially in a cold winter.

In addition, since these rescued animals are very weak and vulnerable , they are prone to diseases such as pneumonia.

The cold weather can also aggravate their arthritis, a common problem in the lives of these rescued elephants.

Fortunately, all those cruel days, which the sweet elephanrts had to face, are already in the past, and a bright and happy future has come to replace them.

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