The sweet rescue baby cow adores sleeping in the pup bed


This poor 2 weeks old little calf was sick and hungry. She was in need of a new home after being seized during an animal neglect investigation.

Carly Henry thought she sounded perfect when she first heard about her. And he was even ready to adopt her, as he was sure that cow love is the best thing ever.

Henry is the owner of Carly’s Critter Camp, an animal sanctuary just outside of Austin, Texas. She has saved a variety of farm animals, but this one being so youg requires everyday care.

She’d have to live in Henry’s house, which is right next to the sanctuary, with Henry’s dogs, cats, and… her husband. So that part required some persuasion. And I showed my husband a picture of her and said that I want to take her.

Henry said that her husband thought for a moment but then agreed and said that they can take her. And so they did, and all the documentations were made in January.

They gave her the name Tulip and right after she arrived they fell in love with her and Tulip fitted in with their family perfectly well. She befriended with all the animals there. Tulip made herself comfortable in the dog’s bed.

She loved cuddling them. At first she would try all the pups’ beds and where she felt comfy fell asleep right away.

They were all entertained to see how the little calf could so fast get along with the family so fast. Henry bottle fed Tulip for several months and gave her much love and care.

When she was taken out from her last home Tulip was sick with pneumonia and she grew stronger with every day.
Henry is trying to wean her from bottle but Tulip reminds her every time to fed her. Tulip became their social butterfly.

They are all friends in the farm. She gets really excited when little children visit her and loves how they fed her. They are the sweettest creatures ever.

And now Henry is more than sure that what people told her some time ago is totally true. She cannot even describe her love with words.

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