The super tiny puppy fell in love with her daddy and melts everyone’s heart when starts giving warm hugs to him


Annabelle was only three weeks old, but she had already decided that she was her daddy’s girl, whom she absolutely adored.

There is a very inexplicable connection between them, which amazes everyone.

It started from the very first moment they met each other.

Annabelle’s mother had given birth to 12 puppies and her current family was not even going to adopt a dog until they saw Annabelle.

It was love at first sight. Dad fell in love with Annabelle and his younger daughter fell in love with Norman, one of Annabelle’s brothers.

So they decided to adopt both of them and give them a forever home. The pups were still quite close.

One day when Annabelle had to visit the vet, Norman sat by the window all the time and didn’t move until she finally came home.

His excitement was boundless when he finally saw his sister again.

Annabelle and Norman love to play under the pool deck because everything there is muddy and they love to get dirty in the mud.

Though dad doesn’t like it, they do it anyway. Even if the entrance is closed, the dogs always find a new way to get there.

However, they always play with so much enthusiasm that dad, seeing their happy faces, cannot get angry and starts laughing instead.

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